Stitch Fix it up

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One of my goals during Christmas was to not set foot in the actual mall if I could avoid it. I work retail, you see, and just about the last thing I want to do after being at my store all day is go to another store to spend the money that I just earned. Why do that when I can sit on my couch with my iPad wearing pajamas and watching Thor on Netflix while finishing up all my shopping? THERE IS NO REASON AT ALL TO GO TO THE MALL.

So I pretty much just shop online all the time, even for clothes. I generally know what size I wear in the brands that I wear often, so this is pretty doable for me. And it beats the instant anxiety and fatigue I feel when I walk into the mall to do some shopping. Seriously, I have no idea why I ever thought it was fun to hang out at the mall as a teenager. WHY???

Online shopping for clothes does have its dangers though. Namely: I’m not very adventurous when trying new styles since I want to stick with what works because I’m not trying it on first. And also, if I need to buy something like a dress to wear to a wedding, I pretty much have to go to the mall. I’ve often watched shows like “What Not to Wear” with a sense of keen jealousy that I don’t have a couple of stylists to just dress me up in things that would look good on me. However, apparently no one has ever thought I dress badly enough to nominate me for that show and I’m not fabulously wealthy enough to be able to hire a stylist of my own.

But…This thing  called the internet is just FILLED with possibilities, including a service called Stitch Fix, which is pretty much some of the most fun I’ve had with clothes shopping since I went to try on wedding dresses a few years ago. What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. You tell us your style, size, and budget preferences, and we send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. Each Fix™ is unique and hand-picked just for you.

So how does it work?

  • Fill out a style profile. Debate over whether or not you should lie about your weight because surely some of that is because of muscles, which we all know weigh more than fat. End up giving correct weight.
  • Try to figure out exactly what is meant by having “edgy” style
  • Look at some pictures. Rate said pictures on whether or not you would wear the clothes
  • Pick out a budget
  • Realize you should probably have a Pinterest account to show them the styles you like because words are failing you.
  • Make Pinterest account. Get distracted by home improvement ideas. Eventually pick out some clothes.
  • Schedule fix
  • Pay $20 styling fee (that is applied to anything from your fix that you decide to keep!)
  • Wait impatiently for fix to show up and obsessively read reviews of what other women are getting in hopes that you might get a preview
  • Do a dance of joy when Fix arrives, shortly followed by saying “Why the heck did they send me that?” after opening.
  • Feel shock and surprise when everything ends up looks pretty damn good.
  • Consult the styling cards they send with the Fix to get ideas on how to wear what they sent. Realize you have no idea how to put an outfit together and are apparently quite boring.
  • Agonize over what to keep, texting all of your closest friends to see if they think a particular piece is worth it. You have three days to make this decision.
  • Shove everything you don’t want back into a provided USPS bag and take it to the closest blue mailbox. You only get charged for what you keep, and if you keep everything, you get 25% off!
  • Feel a sense of smugness when people compliment your new clothes and you get to respond, “Oh this? Yeah, my stylist picked it out for me.”

I got my first Fix the day before Christmas, and needless to say I found the entire experience really fun! After reading a lot of the reviews from other women who have tried out this service, I was a little concerned that maybe I wouldn’t like anything they sent: A lot of the styles seemed on the preppy side which is good for some people, but not for me.

In my profile, I explained that I’m in my 30s, but still tend to wear skate and surf brands, so I acknowledged that I should probably try to grow up a little. Jeans and hoodies are nice and all, but I have barely any fun clothes for going out anymore. I think my stylist, Margaret, did a great job for my first Fix, and I liked almost everything she sent.

Here’s what she sent me (and apologies for the crappy iPhone mirror pictures. I didn’t have much time to take pictures with Christmas and work):


Ellison Olsen Cotton Open Draped Plaid Shirt


Just Black Adora Skinny Jeans


So the first thing I saw when I opened my Fix were bright ORANGE skinny jeans, and that was about when I started scratching my head. Orange? Really?So I tried the jeans on and omg they were so comfy and soft and surprisingly, they fit perfectly. I can’t even find a pair of skinny jeans on my own that fit so well. I pretty much live in jeans, and I’ve been wanting to get a pair that is in a fun color, but I just wasn’t sure if orange was the way to go. It’s not my favorite color to begin with. Plus, the jeans were $68, which is completely reasonable, but not if I never ended up wearing these things. Still, it was something to debate.

The plaid shirt was another thing that had me scratching my head. I like flannel shirts (I’m a product of the 90s, remember) but this wasn’t exactly a normal flannel shirt. It was…a drapey cardigan thing, made of plaid. It looked okay on me, but the price tag seemed way too high for what it was at $58. I folded that back up and put it into the envelope to send back.

41 Hawthorn Jane Floral Knit Infinity Scarf


I’ve been wanting an infinity scarf, so I was excited when I read the note from my stylist that said one had been included. And the moment I touched this one, all I could think was “OMG SO SOFT!!!!” However, I really wasn’t digging the navy blue/beige color combination, and I thought the floral pattern was a little boring as well. At $38, it was too expensive to keep for how little I liked the look of it. Back into the envelope it went.

Papermoon Jourdan Colorblocked & Tribal Print Top


My husband wrinkled his nose up at this one when I pulled it out of the box, but once I tried it on he decided he was pleasantly surprised by it. I was too! I didn’t think I would like this, as I think I’ve worn a tribal print exactly never, but the fit of the top was really nice, and I like how skinny it made me look as well. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the red/navy/black/cream color combination though, so I put this on the maybe pile, especially since it was $48.

41Hawthorn Corinna Striped Dolman Top


This was the piece that made me grin as I was looking over the clothes they sent me. I love the color and the style, and I like stripes too. I pulled it on and got the husband’s reaction (“That looks like you”) then promptly cut off the tags and hung the shirt up in my closet. Considering I got $20 credit towards one item because of the styling fee, I would only be paying an additional $28  for this top as it was$48. No brainer to keep it, especially since I know I’ll wear it all the time.

So, what did I end up keeping?

After a lot of thought, I ended up sending the orange pants back, mostly because I was afraid they would sit in my dresser without being worn and they were a bit too expensive to have that fate. I liked them, but I think I would have been more likely to keep them if they had been another color. It’s weird though. Every time I look at this picture of them, I regret not keeping them!

The scarf went back as well, along with the tribal top. I really thought about that one, because I liked the way it fit so much. But, as my friend put it, it looks too “business casual” and not quite sassy enough for a top that I would want to wear for special occasions. I think if the colors had been different (Hot pink instead of red or aqua instead of navy blue) I would have been more tempted.

The red striped top I obviously kept.

That left the plaid cardigan. I went back and looked at the style card for this one, and noticed that they had rolled up the sleeves for both of the looks (when I first tried it on, the sleeves were down). I pulled it out of the return envelope and rolled up the sleeves, then tried it on again. It looked remarkably better. And it was super comfy. And it looked like something I would probably wear constantly. So I sent this picture to two of my best friends and my mom with the text of HALP SHOULD I BUY????


The answer was a resounding yes, with my mom saying “Honestly, $60 isn’t a lot for something that is unique that you’re going to wear all the time.” And you know what, Mom? YOU’RE RIGHT! I’d gotten a giftcard for Christmas anyway, so this seemed like a good time to use it. After wearing this a few times, I think I actually like it MORE than the red shirt, so I’m sooooooo glad I kept it!

And that was my first experience with Stitch Fix! Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and was impressed with the pieces they picked out for me. Honestly, the only thing I wasn’t terribly impressed with were the styling cards for each piece. I felt those missed the mark on my style more than the pieces themselves.  I understand that they can’t exactly be tailor fit to each woman who orders and that these same styling suggestions are sent to everyone who receives those particular pieces, but I still felt a little deflated about that. I mean…below the knee khaki shirt? Really? Not for me at all.

Anyway, I filled out my reaction survey and sent the other clothes back, and then happily scheduled my next fix, which is for the end of January. I asked that they send some fun “going out” options this time, since I assume my husband and I will probably go out for a nice dinner around Valentine’s Day and it would be nice to have something new to wear for it. Until then, I will obsessively read Stitch Fix reviews and keep pinning stuff to my fashion board on Pinterest. I can’t wait to see what they send next time. Everyone says that each fix keeps getting better with the more feedback you provide, so I can’t see how it won’t be just as fun!

Interested in checking out Stitch Fix for yourself? Please consider using my referral link! Or just go sign up on your own. Either way, have fun!

P.S. This isn’t an advertisement. I’m not affiliated with Stitch Fix. I found reviews helpful when  I was trying to decide if I wanted to order a Fix, and figured I would return the favor to other women who might also be curious. :)

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