Wearing my geek on my sleeve

True story: I got my high school boyfriend because I was wearing a Princess Leia t-shirt.

This was before the prequels were released. It might have even been before all of the special editions were released. It was spring of 1997 (which seriously was only about five years ago, right?) and Star Wars merchandise was not exactly easy to find. I believe that particular shirt, a ringer with a big glittery decal of Princess Leia with her blaster, was from Hot Topic.

Leave me alone, I was 16.

Anyway, while hanging out after school one day, this tall, blonde haired, blue eyed guy who was extremely out of my geeky league turned to me and said, “Is that the Millenium Falcon behind Princess Leia? Or a B-Wing?”

“It’s the Millen–” I began, glancing down at the shirt. And then I blinked. “Uh. B-Wing,” I replied. I’d never even noticed that before. And who was this guy that he actually knew what a B-Wing was? He then launched into a discussion with me about Star Wars that ended up last for over an hour.

We ended up dating for three years.

Sixteen years later, I’m still just as much of a geek (I believe my husband fell for me because I started discussing Final Fantasy while sitting on a ski lift with him). Now, of course, being a geek is trendy to the point where I don’t even like using the word anymore. I’m just me, but my favorite movies are still Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, and I read Harry Potter every year and I’m completely obsessed with Borderlands 2. Oh, and I bought a 3DS XL purely to play Pokemon. And what I love now is that I can find some shirts and merchandise that are downright fashionable, all while having a geeky flair to them. I can almost feel like an adult while still being true to myself! I’ve collected some of my favorites from Etsy here.

By the way, Etsy? It’s like a haven for awesome geeky finds. It’s also a haven for questionable knock off goods that look like they’re better suited for Ebay, but let’s ignore that for now and bask in the glory that is handmade geek stuff.

My Star Wars AT-AT Pet


By EngramClothing

I’m proud to say that I own this shirt and wear it pretty often and I usually receive compliments on it as well. Because I enjoy copying off of my big brother, AT-ATs are one of my favorite vehicles in Star Wars. And dogs are just the best. So an AT-AT dog being walked by a little girl?  ❤ ❤ ❤

I love that the store has that design on a few different items, such as a skirt and dress. Oh, and they also have a shirt of Darth Vader riding a bicycle and another of a stormtrooper wearing a suit, so that’s pretty amazing as well.

X-men Mystique inspired apron


By HauteMessThreads

I didn’t realize that aprons were a thing that people were wearing again until I joined Pinterest. Then I logged in one day and was like, “Oh, that’s a cute dress,” and clicked on it only to realize it was an apron. I confess that I don’t entirely get it, but then, I don’t entirely love cooking either. Wait, am I allowed to say that? I’m pretty sure the internet, and blogging in particular, has become the one true home of amazing cooks. I mean…I can cook. I just find the entire process really stressful and also I suck at taking pictures of my food as I prepare it. How people manage to make raw chicken look good is beyond me.

Anyway! I’ve never wanted an apron in my entire life, but the other day when I was trolling Etsy for interesting geek related things, I found an apron that was inspired by Mystique. When I found myself checking my bank account to figure out whether or not I could purchase said apron, I realized that I had probably gone insane. Seriously though, this thing is badass! If I were the type of woman who held dinner parties and cooked a ton of delicious baked goods for my friend’s kids, I would totally want this apron to complete my look of grown up geek. I love the fact that it definitely references the mutant without beating you over the head. Subtle geekiness. I like it.

Fingerless Dragon Egg Khaleesi gloves


By Mareshop

I found these because I had just found a dragon egg necklace on HBO’s site that I thought was cool, but assumed Etsy could probably do even better. As I had assumed, there were a ton of dragon egg necklaces on the site, so many that they all blended together. That’s probably why these gloves stood out so much to me. I’ve been wanting fingerless gloves forever now (my office is usually freezing), and I love the style of these. Again, they’re subtle. Looking at them, people wouldn’t necessarily guess that I’m pretending to be Khaleesi even though she’s not even my favorite character in Game of Thrones.

But I would know. And that’s all that matters.